Chiya and chai
A table set up for afternoon tea. Flowers in a vase and a mug alongside.
Sandra Benn

Sandra Benn

5 calorie free must-haves for your afternoon tea table

Mention the words “afternoon tea” and we’re overcome with images of cake, sandwiches, scones and all sorts of delectable, sweet treats.

But here’s the thing.

In all its calorie laden’ ness, we’ve forgotten to experience the tea in afternoon tea.

And tea is all about the experience.

Taste, aroma and flavour of course.

But also time with loved ones. Lingering over a pot of tea and talking. A no tech zone, full of conversations, laughter, and fun.

Expensive hotel not required. You can create the perfect afternoon tea set up at home.

Want some ideas?

Here’s a list of calorie free, afternoon tea accessories, from friendly, small businesses, for creating a tea experience that’s more fun with friends, than dining with Downton.

And if you’re looking for some tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea, you’ll find mine here.

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