Chiya and chai

Ise Bay Genmaicha 70g

Vibrant, premium quality green sencha leaves are mixed with toasted rice to create this wonderfully light, aromatic and comforting Japanese tea.

Genmaicha translates as brown rice tea and is known locally as popcorn tea, since some of the rice grains “pop” during the roasting process.

Maybe you’ll find the taste reminiscent of popcorn.

I liken it to sugar puffs, reflecting the natural sweetness of genmaicha.

An easy to drink, healthy tea option, to enjoy any time of day.






A single origin, premium quality Japanese green tea, grown on the flat plains of Mie Prefecture.


Nutty, underlying sweetness, A light and balanced cup.

Technical Information

• Weight: 2.5g
• Temperature: 80 degrees C
• Amount of water required: 200ml
• Length of brew: 3 minutes
• Cost per cup: 18p when you infuse the leaves twice
• Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Roasted Rice kernels
• Allergens: No allergenic ingredients

Time of Day

Easy to drink and enjoy at any time of day

Perfect Pairings

Pair with seafood or sushi or enjoy on its own.

Ise Bay Genmaicha 70g