Chiya and chai


Jade Tips Green 50g
(Xin Yiang Mao Jian)

This premium quality green tea is a winner.

Mao Jiang translates as furry tips and refers to the appearance of the young leaf which, when processed, produces a silver tipped, twisted long leaf tea.

It is packed with polyphenols, the antioxidants that fight disease and inflammation, and the catechin EGCG that helps prevent cell damage.

This tea is doing you good.



One of the top ten most famous teas from China, our Jade Tips Green is sourced from Xin Yiang in Henan Province.


Vegetal and slightly sweet when brewed gently. Asparagus notes. A deliciously fresh, clean, and elegant sip.

Technical Information

• Weight: 2.5g
• Temperature: 75-85 degrees C
• Amount of water required: 230ml
• Length of brew: 3-5 minutes
• Cost per cup: 25p when you infuse the leaves twice
• Ingredients: Chinese Green Tea
• Allergens: Allergens in bold. Packed in a facility that also handles nuts.

Time of Day

With incredible health benefits, drink at least two cups per day.
Add milk or honey to taste.

Perfect Pairings

Enjoy at any meal.
Great with smoked salmon, chicken, fruit tarts, and cheesecake.

Jade Tips Green 50g
(Xin Yiang Mao Jian)