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Teapot and tea cups for a tea tasting on a table
Sandra Benn

Sandra Benn

5 reasons to try a tea tasting

Food & drink tastings have been around for years. We’ve been to plenty right?

Wine, whisky, gin, chocolate, cheese – there are lots around.

Here are 5 reasons why you should add a tea tasting to your calendar.


  1. To try new teas.

    Obviously right. But why, when you’re happy with your daily cuppa?
    Well, I’m pretty sure you rarely drink the wine now that you first had back in the day – I haven’t touched a sweet Lambrusco since my late teens! And, sticking with the wine analogy (‘cos it works really well), you probably enjoy a mix of red, white, and rose. You’ve experimented and found new varieties that you love.
    Tea is the same.
    There’s so much choice available, each with different flavours, appearances and aromas. A tea tasting is a great way to sample and see what you like. Go on – push your boundaries.


  1. Knowledge

    Through my qualification with the UK Tea Academy, I’ve learned a huge amount about the world of tea. Where tea is grown and how, how it’s made, the different types, how to brew the leaves properly, cultural references and so much more. Sharing this kind of knowledge is all part of a tea tasting. Who invented tea? How come that one’s black, but this one’s green? What temperature water? How long to steep the leaves? Are the British the biggest tea drinkers? What are the health benefits of tea? What are those different shaped teapots all about?
    You’ll learn all sorts at a tasting event.


  1. Save money.

    We’ve all done it. We’re in a restaurant or bar, looking through the menu, hunting for the wine we chose last time or at least a name we recognise. Because we don’t want to risk ordering something we don’t like. That’s an expensive mistake.
    It’s the same with tea. The choice is immense. There are strange names! Not to mention the descriptions. Where do you start? So we stick with the familiar and miss out on the variety.
    A tasting, with someone to guide you, will help you experiment with different flavours and learn what you appreciate the most. Then you’re going to have much more confidence in the choice you make. No costly errors.


  1. Meet new people.

    It never fails to inspire me, now much coming together over a cup of tea creates a community. At a tasting, you’re with a group who all share a common interest.
    So no need to worry about what to say or talk about. There’s a ready-made topic right there, even if it’s “My favourite is Yorkshire, what’s yours?”.
    And in my experience, there’s a refreshing lack of snobbery, whether you’re a black tea with milk & sugar fan looking to experiment, or more experienced looking to elevate.  Because, when it comes down to it, we’re all just tea lovers.


  1. Create a new ritual.

    I’ve come to know the simple act of brewing a pot or cup of loose-leaf tea as a mindful act. A regular practise that disconnects me from stress and overwhelm and where I can relax and recharge. In around 3 minutes. And I’m not alone. For literally centuries, people have used tea for healing and connection. And armed with a couple of new favourite brews, you can too.

    If you’d like to give a tea tasting a try, then click here for our next online tasting information.

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