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Perfect for tea lovers looking to try new teas, the Discovery Collection tasting pack showcases the finest teas from around the world.

What's in the tasting pack?

2 pouches of tea from tea tasting pack

The pack has 2 servings of each tea.

Since you can rebrew the leaves, that’s at least 8 cups of tea to enjoy.
Enough to invite a tea-loving friend to join you.

Your purchase of a tea tasting pack includes a link to download tasting notes for each of the teas.

You can access in your own time, so you are free to have your tea tasting wherever and whenever it suits you.

tea tasting

Do you need special equipment?

No special equipment is needed.
You can use teapots and infusers that you have at home, or self-fill plastic-free tea bags are included in the tea tasting pack.


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