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With so much choice available, each with different flavours, appearances and aromas, a tea tasting is a great way to sample different teas and see what you like.

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Tell me about a tea tasting

3 teas tasting

Our private 3 teas tasting experience lasts 90 minutes.

Up to 6 people, relaxed and informal in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn the story of each tea and how to brew it correctly.

Together, we’ll taste and explore the aromas and flavours of each tea.

We’ll leave you with our gift of a selection of teas and accessories so you can make a perfect brew at home.

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You can read more about the benefits of joining a tea tasting here.



Valid between 8 January – 15 October 2024 (subject to availability)

Online (UK wide) or in-person (Edinburgh & Lothians only)*

Maximum 6 people**.

* Travel costs in addition. Billed separately before the event.

**Higher numbers can be accommodated online. Complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online tea tasting ready

Do you need special equipment?

No special equipment is needed.
You can use teapots and infusers that you have at home, or self-fill plastic-free tea bags are included in the tea tasting pack.

How do I get the tea?

I post the tea to one location so it can be distributed ahead of an online session, or I’ll bring it with me if it’s in person.

What teas will I be tasting?

I’ll select the teas for tasting after a discussion with the host. All teas contain caffeine.


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