Chiya and chai

The SoleCup Tea Infuser

SoleCup’s barista friendly travel mugs are made from tempered glass to maintain a premium drinking experience on the go.

Uniquely, the SoleCup can be used for loose tea infusions and coffee.

The screw on splash-proof lid will save you from sticky cups and spills.

And a silicone band is included for an easy grip and comfortable sipping.

Bonus: Your SoleCup is 100% recyclable

SoleCup Travel Mug with Tea Infuser – Black – 18oz (530ml)




The SoleCup Tea Infuser Only, with Chai Black 25g, with Earl Grey 25g, with Through the Day Blend 25g, with Jade Tips Green 25g (Xin Yiang Mao Jian)

The SoleCup Tea Infuser

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