Chiya and chai

Tea & Harp Music Relaxation Gift set

The most special of private moments.

Sip on a warming and delicious cup of tea and listen to the soothing sounds of the harp.

Enjoy 10 precious minutes of relaxation and me time.


What’s in the pack?

There are 6 lovingly hand-filled tea bags of your favourite tea. Since you can rebrew the leaves, that’s at least 12 cups of tea to enjoy.

Also included, a 10-minute recording of exclusively commissioned harp relaxation music, to create an intentional break in your day.

Once you’ve made your cuppa, pop the music on, sit back and let the aromas and sounds melt those stresses away.

You are free to enjoy this wherever and whenever it suits you and to listen as often as you like.



Do I need special equipment?

How do I get the recording?

Purchase the pack and inside, you’ll find a card with a link to download the recording.



6 teabags of your chosen Chiya & Chai tea.

Link to download 10 minute harp recording, exclusive to Chiya & Chai.

Gift wrapping included.


Harp music exclusive to Chiya and Chai and specially commissioned from Peaceful Strings. Check them out at

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with Chai Black, with Through the Day Blend, with Jade Tips Green (Xin Yiang Mao Jian)

Tea & Harp Music Relaxation Gift set

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