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Sandra Benn

Sandra Benn

Putting tea back in your afternoon tea experience

Almost everything now has a day, or a week dedicated to it in the calendar to raise awareness, show appreciation or celebrate an anniversary. This week is no exception. It’s ‘Afternoon Tea Week’. By which we mean of course, “All the cake you can eat week”.

Well not here at Chiya & Chai.

We’re all about putting tea back in your afternoon tea experience.

Rediscovering Tea:

In the rush to enjoy cakes and treats during afternoon tea, the flavours and aromas of different teas often get overlooked.

At Chiya & Chai, we believe that the right tea pairing can elevate your afternoon tea experience to a whole new level.

And if you’re stuck on which tea to choose, then here are some suggestions to pair with the different treats you’ll be enjoying.

  1. White Tea: Delicate Elegance

    White tea has a delicate flavour, and so needs something light to complement it. It pairs beautifully with cucumber sandwiches and scones, especially when you don’t go too heavy on the jam.

    Consider trying our White Peony, a light and delicate white tea that brings a touch of elegance to your afternoon tea table.

  2. Green Tea: A Match for Mild Foods

    Green tea finds a perfect companion in mild foods like chicken, smoked salmon sandwiches, fruit tarts, and cheesecakes.

    Organic Long Jing Dragon Well is a refreshing and light green tea that brings out the best in your afternoon tea selection.

  3. Masala Chai: A Savory Treat

    Masala Chai is the way to go for those popping a savoury addition onto their afternoon tea plate.

    Our Chai Black bespoke blend is enriched with aromatic spices and pairs perfectly with a sausage roll or spicy samosa.

  4. Earl Grey: Citrus Delights

    Earl Grey, a classic flavoured tea, perfectly matches anything citrusy. Consider trying it with lemon pie or orange & poppy seed cake.

    We’ve added blue cornflowers to make it a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

  5. Black Tea: Bold and Versatile

    Bold and versatile, black tea can stand up to the richness of chocolate cake and creamy eclairs. This makes it an ideal choice for those with a sweet tooth.

    Our Through The Day blend, featuring Assam, Ceylon, and Chinese Yunnan black teas, will be your go-to pick for your favourite creamy dessert choice.

  6. Bonus: White Tea as a Palette Cleanser

    White tea also doubles as a perfect palette cleanser during afternoon tea.

    Sip on it between courses to refresh your taste buds and fully appreciate the flavours of each tea and treat.


This “Afternoon Tea Week,” let’s bring the focus back to this underrated beverage.

Whether you prefer the delicate elegance of white tea or the boldness of black tea, there’s a tea that perfectly complements every moment of your afternoon tea experience.

So, put the tea back in afternoon tea. Savour every sip and bite in the company of good tea and even better company.

Browse these and other tea choices on our website.

And if you fancy adding a little fizz to the event, check out the selection from our friends at The Wine Cru.

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