Chiya and chai

Ise Bay Hojicha 70g

The first thing that will surprise you about this Japanese green tea is that it’s not actually green.

It’s also unusual in that it’s made of both the leaves and the stems of the tea plant.

But what makes this tea truly different is that after processing, it’s roasted, which turns the leaves and stem reddish brown and the liquor a beautiful golden-orange colour.

Using leaves from lower down the tea bush creates a lower caffeine tea.

And the roasting process releases Pyrazine, known for its ability to increase blood flow circulation.

Hojicha brings an immediate sense of calm and relaxation so it’s perfect for unwinding at the end of your day.

Ingredients: Roasted Japanese Green Tea

Allergen Advice: No allergenic ingredients.






A single origin, Japanese roasted green tea, grown on the flat plains of Mie Prefecture.


The dry leaf is chocolatey and after brewing, nuts, caramel and creamy notes emerge.

Technical Information

• Weight: 3.5g
• Temperature: 80-90 degrees C
• Amount of water required: 200ml
• Length of brew: 2-3 minutes
• Cost per cup: 29p when you infuse the leaves twice
• Ingredients: Roasted Japanese Green Tea
• Allergens: No allergenic ingredients

Time of Day

It’s low in caffeine making it a perfect after dinner and early evening drink. Great to come home to after a blustery autumn walk.

Perfect Pairings

Indulge with creamy caramel chocolate or a generous slice of carrot cake.

Ise Bay Hojicha 70g